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Working at Mankenberg

Qualified and motivated staff is our strength

Having a motivated and qualified staff is imperative for a company`s success. Expertise in R&D, manufacturing, product quality and of course customer satisfaction are all shaped by a company`s staff.
We are aware of this and act on it . . .

A positive working environment, internal communication as well as qualified training programmes aren`t just theory at Mankenberg but practice too:

  • Newly recruited staff receive an extensive plan to help them get to know our departments, procedures and of course their new colleagues 
  • The staff can participate in an in-house English course
  • Internal courses are offered regularly (i.e. on EDP, workplace safety...)
  • Employees choosing to continue their education (alone or as a group) are given support
  • A company newspaper as well as screens displaying information in the offices and at the factory keep the employees up-to-date with the latest news
  • Staff incentive schemes (prizes for product enhancement) and themed competitions encourage both staff and trainees to become more involved with the company and contribute to its success

Having long-term employees for up to 40 years speaks for itself and along with the``young blood``  contributes to our strengths in all areas

Qualified and Motivated Staff 



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