Millibar Control Valve DM 586

New mbar control valve

Mankenberg completes the millibar control valves product line

Mankenberg rounds off its millibar control valves product line with the pressure reducing valve DM 586 and has showcased the novelty at the Tank Storage conference and exhibition in Hamburg (25-26 NOV 2015).

The pressure reducing valve DM 586 is a diaphragm-controlled, spring-loaded proportional valve with balanced cone for high flow rates particularly suitable for controlling millibar ranges. It can be used for liquids and gases, for example in the tank blanketing sector.

The valve body and internal parts are made of stainless steel (1.4404 / 316L) and feature excellent corrosion resistance. Thanks to its maximum diaphragm diameter of 270 mm and its maximum installation height of 385 mm, the DM 586 is a very compact pressure reducing valve.

The Mankenberg millibar control valves DM 586, DM 762 and RP 840 provide the suitable solution for your application with nominal diameters DN 15 to DN 150, pressure ranges from 2 through to 950 mbar and Kvs values from 0.05 to 160 m³/h.


Millibar Control Valve for High Flow Rates DM 586
single-seat straight-way valve with balanced cone for high flow rates, especially for the control of millibar ranges | usable for liquids, gases and steam | completely made of deep-drawn CrNiMo-steel (316L) – surface finish of the body Ra ≤ 1.6 μm | adjusting screw as a function of display, corrosion-resistant, very lightweight and compact | very precise owing to large control surfaces and a large number of different control ranges, available in many different versions | various connections and special versions available | can be actuated pneumatically, spring cap available with leakage line connection and adjusting screw seal
DN 20 - 50 PN 16  Logo High Grade
G 3/4 - 2 T 130°C
P2 0,008 - 0,95 bar Kvs 7 - 22 m³/h



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