Ventilauslegungsprogramm ValvePilot

Valve Calculation Software

ValvePilot - Easy Valve Calculation

More than 3.500 downloads have proof of it: our new calculation and design software for self-acting control valves, ValvePilot, has already become an indispensable aid for many of our customers.


Our latest version for an even faster valve sizing is now available to you with immediate effect. All bugs currently known have been eliminated and installation was simplified. Programmes already installed will be automatically updated.


When the process parameters have been entered, ValvePilot calculates at the push of a button:

   » Kv- and Cv values
   » noise pressure level
   » nominal diameter
   » inlet and outlet velocity
   » reduction ratio


Moreover, ValvePilot provides warnings, recommendations or notices for problematic designs and offers helper functions that simplify the way to find the suitable valve.


Take advantage of this easy and manageable freeware that will relieve the pressure of your daily work!


All important information needed for the download and installation of ValvePilot can be found on!

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